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Location of Job: Tyrone, GA
When: Feb 2, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Large Vanity Mirror with Beveled Strip
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Brief Explanation To have a customer tell me that a finished product is as nice or nicer than imagined is one of the best rewards I get in my line of work. It was also said that they never have anything look as nice as they thought it would either. I was so happy that I could provide this customer with the very least, exactly what was wanted and what was expected.

We provided our customer with a huge vanity mirror, as large as the walk in closet. This was a very difficult job because of the size and placement of the mirror. we wanted to make sure that it looked stylish and nice and didn't seem out of place so we even framed the mirror with beveled strips. it was great to see the customer was extremely impressed with the finished product.

We came to the home and spent the time to make sure that it was perfectly level on the wall and had the look that we had been looking to create. We secured it carefully to make sure that there was no damage and it would look as new as it actually was.

This was another great custom glass job that we provided to one of our many happy customers all over the Georgia area. We continue to do what we can to impress and provide quality work.

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I would highly recommend Travis to anyone because he was so quick and fast. I could tell that he was a reliable person. The customer service that was given to me was just excellent. ~ Brandon - Fayettville, GA

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Car Windows

Many of our customers are looking to replace their damaged windows on their vehicles. No one like looking at a crack every time that they get into their car.

One of the things that our customers appreciate the most is that on top of creating and installing the new glass in their car we don’t do business like an auto body shop and require customers to bring their cars to us and wait on the replacement. We actually work around our customers schedule and get their windshield replaced at their work, home, or anywhere else they may specifically need.

Here is a job we did for a customer with two different cars. His BMW and Lexus Windshields.

Benefits of Going With Our Local Business

The great thing about a small business is the service that we can provide. As a small business we are worried about making some corporate set quota and making a certain amount of sales, or even charging the highest price.

No, our complete focus is on our customers and that they receive the quality of work and service as expected. I never want my customers to have that feeling of being an inconvenience. On the contrary, I am always happy to have all the customers that I do and that they trust me enough to call me and have me fix or make whatever glass it is that they need.

Whether it be a glass tile shower door or windows or even a custom vanity top. We provide the best service available.