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Location of Job: Atlanta, GA
When: Dec 1, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Two shower glass door made and installed
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Brief Explanation We always make sure that we accommodate all of our customers with all of their glass needs. And in our business we don't tell people what they should get or what they need without first listening to their thoughts and ideas to make sure that what we offer is what they want in the first place. Many of our glass shower customers are in the middle of a bathroom remodel and need someone they can count on.

We have done a lot of shower glass doors and we did the same for another awesome customer who not only needed a glass shower door but she needed TWO. She had been very worried about the price that she would be quoted and the time that it would take to get two glass shower doors done instead of just one. We made sure that we worked out the right price for her to make her happy and give her what she needed. She was extremely happy with the options that we talked through and the timeline to get it done. So we got to work.

We provided the customer with two beautiful frameless showers. She needed one in her master bathroom and the shower had some beautiful glass tile. The thing about glass tile is that it can be very breakable if you need to attach anything to it. We had to very carefully drill into glass tile, working very slowly as to not damage any. When we everything ready we went ahead and carefully brought in the glass and got it installed. We also have to make sure when we are doing showers that we seal everything perfectly so as to prevent any leaking when the shower is turned on.

The customer was very happy that we were able to get it all done at an affordable price and have the care to get the shower door mounted and installed into glass tile. She was happy with how both of her shower turned out and that we got everything done in a timely manner.

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I would highly recommend Travis to anyone because he was so quick and fast. I could tell that he was a reliable person. The customer service that was given to me was just excellent. ~ Brandon - Fayettville, GA

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Furniture glass

We are a glass company that does all types of glass work. A style that is becoming very popular and looks beautiful is glass decor around their home and on their furniture. We can do glass table tops and also on the top of a desk or coffee table. The glass will give things a nice clean and stylish look.

We have done decorative mirrors and windows for customers as well. We have even done jobs for making new glass look vintage. If you have an idea or a need when it comes to any type of glass decor, we can be the company for you. We are open and willing to talk about and try the ideas that you have. Even if your project is something that is not a standard size we can do custom glass sizing for you as well. We are the glass company that is on your side.

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