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Location of Job: Peachtree City, GA
When: Jan 1, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: BMW and Lexus Windshield Replacement
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Brief Explanation Rick was calling around trying to get quotes on getting the windshields replaced in both his BMW and his Lexus. He was looking for great quality and a good deal. I told him it would be no worry at all to get both his cars taken care of in a timely manner and on a schedule that was convenient for him.

We talked through prices and options. He was very happy that I offered to give him a package price. So because he got two windshields replaced he was going to get a discount!

It was most convenient for him to have us come to his house and do the work. So we showed up at a specified time and took out the old windshields. We cleaned and prepped the edges so the new windshield would go in seamlessly. Then we went ahead and got both windshields installed.

It was great to hear that he was very happy with the quality and service. He was also glad he didn't have to take them into a shop somewhere and leave his cars to be worked on while he had to figure out how to get around without his cars.

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Peachtree City, GA
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I would highly recommend Travis to anyone because he was so quick and fast. I could tell that he was a reliable person. The customer service that was given to me was just excellent. ~ Brandon - Fayettville, GA

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Of course it is always important to offer the best service to all of your customers. The thing is that if I want my business to stand out I want and need to offer more than that.

I am a real person to my customers. They are not my paycheck, they are actual people that I come into contact with face to face. I feel that it is just as important that I treat them as such as well as make sure they get the best service from me. Being a hands on business owner gives me the opportunity every day to show people in person what my business stand for. Check out a review on a glass shower enclosure here.

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The brand that I want to create for me and my company and for others to know me by is that I will be someone that you want to call because you appreciate what we do and how we do it.
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Do you have a car with a cracked or damaged winshield? I can come to you and get it taken care of quickly and make it work with your busy schedule. But I can do more than just your car. I can take care of all your glass needs. If you need a shower door or a full glass shower enclosure. If you need to antique some newer glass. If you need a home window replacement.

As a glass company we specialize in all types of glass and can take care of whatever you need. We are flexible and have some great prices. Give us a call today.