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Location of Job: Moreland, GA
When: Dec 8, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Glass French Shower Doors, Frameless Shower Doors, Glass Showers, Glass Shower Encolsure
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Brief Explanation Laurie was referred to me when she decided she needed to have some glass work done. She wanted to do a glass door in her shower but wanted to be different and have something unique.

She gave me a call and we talked through some ideas for the space and ended up deciding it would be pretty cool to have some frameless glass french doors. We were both really excited with the idea and couldn't wait to get started. We scheduled a time that would work for her for us to come get her shower door taken care of.

She had this beautifully tiled shower that really needed a nice looking door to compliment it instead of bringing it down. We were both really excited to get this job done. The concept is classic with the french doors yet not used typically in a shower which makes it extremely unique.

We came and got her shower set up with the beautiful frameless glass french doors. Made sure it was sealed and fit perfectly and was polished off and cleaned really nice. And then to really finish off the look and tie it in to the beautiful colors of the bathroom we added some oiled bronze colored 16" handles on both doors.

The finished product looked amazing and made me want to do something like it in my own home! Laurie said she was absolutely blown away with glass french doors.

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french glass doors
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I would highly recommend Travis to anyone because he was so quick and fast. I could tell that he was a reliable person. The customer service that was given to me was just excellent. ~ Brandon - Fayettville, GA

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Shower Doors

There is such a wide range of options when it comes to you shower doors. You need to make sure you have a glass company that is on your side and will listen to what you want in your home. Your shower door may not seem that important to some people but it is a huge part of the look and decor of your home.

I can help you make all the decisions that you need to make when it comes to your glass needs. Do you want clear or textured glass? Most glass for your bathroom has been framed in the past but it is becoming a huge statement to keep you glass frameless. The nice thing about frameless glass on your showers is that it gives you a very clean and seemless look.

Maybe you want more than just a glass door for your shower and would rather have a full glass enclosure. A full glass enclosure can make your bathroom look so much more spacious, unique, and stylish. It may be a bathroom but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to look amazing.

I make sure that all of my clients get exactly what they are looking for when it comes to any of their glass needs. I listen to what they need and if they want any sort of look or style. I’m always happy to try new things and make sure that your glass looks exactly the way that you want it to.

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